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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas from Fiona!!

My brother, Dennis is a proud grandfather!! Well, just look his 2 month old granddaughter--Fiona!! She's beautiful!! Thanks Den for the great Christmas greeting from Fiona.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Pictures of TIME FRAME

ATTENTION: TIME FRAME Plays January 13th!!

It has just been announced--TIME FRAME with Steve on bass, plays 'The Summit Pub' on January 13th!! I'll be there! Lots of FUN!! 'The Summit Pub' is 9502 Canyon Road East, Puyallup. Phone 253/ 536-1588. Click here for more info on the Summit Pub http:www.insiderspages.com/b/3723163351

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Bartletts

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pink Floyd Echoes Music Video with 2001 A Space Odyssey

From the Stanley Kubrick classic, in the end part of the movie, you will find this awesome classic by Pink Floyd synchronized to the ending of the movie.

JZ Knight's Interview

Click here to hear JZ Knight's interview with Maureen Moss. JZ is considered by many religious experts and historians to be one of the most charismatic, remarkable and challinging spiritual leaders of the modern age! Click here http:www.worldpuja.org/archives.php#knight

Picture of Morgan and Sharon!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

bob dylan&joan baez - blowin in the wind

bob dylan joan baez blowin in the wind

Crystal and Shawn Ready For restaurant's Opening!!

Crystal and Shawn are ready for the opening of 'The Recovery Room' in Sedona on January 2nd!! Shawn is head chef and getting everything ready for opening day. I send love to you both! Love, Mom See pictures of the restaurant below that were taken by Crystal

'The Recovery Room' in Sedona Opens January 2nd!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Snow In Denver

A White Christmas is reported by my favorite sister from Denver!! I think she said 29 inches!! WOW!! Merry Christmas to all! Love, Janet and Steve. Thanks Kath for the pictures!!

Jon Baroni's CD Out -With Steve On Bass!

We picked up 'Wake Up Calls', Jon Baroni's latest CD. With Steve on Bass! Really enjoyed the music! For this CD and info n Jon's CD click here http://www.biofactalevolution.com/zenproject.html Last time I talked to Jon [about one month ago] his CD, 'Wake Up Calls' was number 2, on Beyond The Ordinary Web Radio. Click here for Beyond The Ordinary Web Radio www.beyondtheordinary.net

Christmas At Summit Pub!! FUN!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Phenomenon The Lost Archives The_Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

Tesla , free energy, ZPE
alternative science

Beautiful Mount Rainer

Beautiful Mount Rainer!! This picture was sent by my mom, Vernal-Thanks Mom, love you

Monday, December 18, 2006

Miceal Ledwith's New Books

Miceal Ledwith L.Ph.,B.A.,L.D.,D.D.,was Professor of Systematic Theology for 16 tears at Maymooth College in Ireland and served for 10 years as President of that University. Member of International Theological Commission, a small group of theologians charged with advising the pope on theological matters and even more creditials than these has two books forthcoming! These books are entitled 'The Message Whose Time Has Come Again' and 'The Ascent to GOD: The Soul's Journey Within'. I've heard Dr. Ledwith speak and I'm really looking forward to these books. He has a lot of knowledge and makes it understandable!! Click here for more info http://www.shockinstitute.com/courses/ml/index.htm

Elisabeth's house!

To Elisabeth's House We Go!

Yesterday, we went to Elisabeth's house [Steve's mom] to repair any storm stuff done last week. Elisabeth was not home. She is staying at daughter Linda's place in Winlock. It was a beautiful day and Elisabeth has a great view from top her 'roof' [she lives in a cute, hobbit house--underground house]. Steve replaced tarps covering her wood sheds so her wood will be dry for her wood stove. He picked picked up broken limbs and branches that were blown around last week. He repaired her front door-it was having problems opening and closing and he made sure she had dry wood in the house for the wood stove if needed, she normally uses electric heat. Also putting cooking alcohol in small, manageable containers for her if needed 'cause she normally uses electric for cooking too. It was a fun trip-I always enjoy the beautiful forest and country views at Elisabeth's!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bambi and Thumper?

Have a Merry Christmas Season! Thank you Rejoice!

These Things You Shall Do...AND GREATER

Greg Simmon's new book 'These Things You Shall Do...AND GREATER', will be out next month! I'm really looking forward to reading it!! I listen to Greg on 'Beyond the Ordinary' web radio. I have known Greg for many years--kind, thoughtful man who listens and has lots to say! He will send you a signed copy of his book if you order ahead. "The new spiritual paradigm will emerge out of the shadows of religious superstition when there is a clear understanding that ancient wisdom and comtempory science are saying the same thing."--Greg Simmons. Click here for more info on Greg or his book http://www.mulaideguiesepublishing.com/index.php , For 'Beyond the Ordinary' web radio click www.beyondtheordinary.net

Lights Out!

The private gig for Friday, December 15th was canceled due to power outage! Many businesses and private homes were without power in western Washington since record breaking winds downed powerlines Thursday night-Dec. 14th. Scott and Jamie's new home was decorated, lots of good food, friends, room for dancing and a great band-TIME FRAME. But...No Go!! I'll be looking forward to being there again-with power!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

TIME FRAME relax at Summit Pub-last night

jerome murat

jerome murat
Video sent by segalier
How is this done? Check it out! Thanks Rejoice!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Missouri Cave Is Time Machine!

The bear that left a 3-foot-long claw mark in a Ice Age clay bank was the largest bear species to walk the face of the earth! With shoulder height of about 6 feet tall,weighing in at 1,800 lbs, it could run at 45mph! WOW!! The claw mark from a short-faced bear looks so fresh today, scientists are calling this discovery a national treasure! It was found in a Missouri Ice cave five years ago. Click here to read more http://www.zeenews.com/articles.asp?aid=334203&sid=FTP

Thursday, December 14, 2006

John Lennon - Imagine (live)

John Lennon performs "Imagine" Live, took by Vh1 Legends Week, one legen never forget will be John Lennon.

Welcome Cousin Bonnie to Blog!

I welcome my cousin to my blog! Welcome Bonnie!! Bonnie lives in Europe!! Cool! Her mother is my mom's sister. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Love, Janet

Steve Plays At Private Party On Friday Night

Steve plays at a private party this Friday night in Puyallup! He plays with Kevin and H.D. in the band TIME FRAME. I'll be there and looking forward to hearing my favorite bassman play! I know I'll have a great time. Call 360/458-1463 or click bartlettrose2@aol.com to have this band play at your special event.

Linda Writes-Brother Brian Has Hand Surgery

Steve's brother Brian had surgery on his hand. He broke it last week playing basketball! His wonderful wife, Linda said the Doctor put a metal plate and screws in is hand to repair it. He's better and not using the powerful pain killers now as before. Thanks for writing Linda and keeping us informed on the latest news.

Meet Steve's Brother Morgan

Steve's Brother Morgan and his beautiful, kind wife, Laurie surprised us both at 'The Summit Pub' last Saturday night. They came all the way from Bellingham, Washington to see and hear Steve play in TIME FRAME!! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Morgan and Laurie-love you

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Brian, Steve's Brother

Brian and Linda live on Whidbey Island. Recently they visited Maui, now they're home and Brian broke his hand playing basketball. He's going to a specialist this week. Keep us updated Linda.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crystal's pictures of Shawn's 'Recovery Room'

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Saturday Night-Puyallup-Summit Pub-9pm

Steve plays with TIME FRAME in Puyallup, Saturday night 9pm at 'The Summit Pub'. The address for 'The Summit' is 9502 Canyon Road East. phone 253/536-1588. Lots of fun!! Come out for a great time! Click here for info on the Summit Pub, including a map http://www.insiderpages.com/b/3723163351 Below see pictures of last month's fun times at the 'Summit Pub'

Steve Plays 'Summit' Saturday-9pm

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!! Two years already. Yesterday Steve and I went to Red Wind Casino to celebrate our two year anniversary!! Love you Steve, always will!

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