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We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

What's Bettye Johnson Up To?

Bettye Johnson, author of 'Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls' is teaching a 6 month telecourse on a web program hosted by Rev. Philippe Mathews. Called The Spiritual Literacy Series by Mathews. Dr. Miceal Ledwith, author of 'How Jesus Became Christ' will also be teaching. WOW!! Click here for more www.shockliteracy.org

Tomorrow's Shawn's BIG day!!

Tomorrow is Shawn's BIG day!! He starts at 'The Recovery Room', the great new restaurant in Sedona. He's the head chef!! I know he's working up a menu now. They will serve "high end comfort food". As far as I know opening date for 'The Recovery Room' has not been set. I saw pictures from Crystal and the dry wall is being put up as I write. Should be opening in the next month! Pictured is 'The Recovery Room' in Sedona, it's across from the hospital. Good Luck Shawn!! Proud of you both. Love, Mom

Friday, September 29, 2006

Kath's Got The Mojo!!

WELCOME TO OUR PLAYGROUND KATH!!! As Crystal would say " Kathy's Got The Mojo!" As I would say " Cool!" My favorite sister, Kathy From Denver, Has A BLOG!! Looking forward to reading it. Love you a billion + 4, Janet

Thursday, September 28, 2006



Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Princeton Studies Consciousness

Consciousness and its role in creating reality is being studied at Princeton. The PEAR [Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research] program. Started in 1979 by Robert Jahn to pursue scientific study of interaction of human consciousness by various tests, devises and a professional staff. Enabling better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality. Pictured is cumulative deviation graphs from event generator experiment. Click here http://www.princton.edu/~pear/index.html

Yesterday was bone scan and ice cream

Yesterday, Steve and I took Elizabeth, Steve's Mom to Dr. Jenson's office in Olympia for a bone scan. Osteoporosis affects 43.6 million Americans, mostly older women. Thinning of the bones or loss of bone density, bone strength and greater risk of fractures. BMD or bone mineral density is measured by a xray called DXA scan. Then, off to the waterfront for sandwiches and ice cream. Elizabeth found acorns and golden leaves in the grass. The sun was bright,water sparkled,with a cool breeze coming off the boardwalk and harbor Beautiful!! We took her to Office Depot to look at computers, she's making up her mind. A great day!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our Friend, Steve Klein, Ran For Mayor Last Year!

Steve Klein has been our friend for many years. He is a kind and giving man. He ran for mayor of Yelm last year. Hope he'll run again, or governor, or president!! I'll vote for him. He has many great qualities that will help our town. 1. His family's in banking- he understands finances. 2. He has a BA in business administration and management. 3. Cares about our town-member of the chamber of commerce, attends city council meetings. 4. Writes Kleiners' Korner- weekly e-newsletter, that's up to date on happenings in the world, writes Yelm Community Blog-aware of happens here too! 5. On Yelm Library Advisory Board, benefactor of Yelm Library. 6. Benefactor of Drew Harvey theater and several area schools. He was on 'BTO' Beyond the Ordinary web cast radio live at noon today. He's on the radio often. Check him out steve@kleinerskorner.com or http://yelmcommunity.org/ or www.beyondtheordinary.net

Thanks For the Camera!

Thank you Crystal and Shawn for the digital camera!! I will love it. Mom

Monday, September 25, 2006

Quote for the Day

"Desire to be changed with the flame be enraptured, And from within you a splendly transformed being shall escape. ' Rainer Marie Rilke

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Scientists Discover Memory Molecule!

Scientists at SUNY Downstate Medical Center have discovered a molecule mechanism that maintains memories in the brain. Called "protein Kenase M zeta". They demonstrated that inhibiting this protein can erase memories, even long-term memories!! This discovery may help in the treatment of chronic pain, dystonia, post traumatic stress, alzheimers and other memory loss conditions. Click http:www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/08/060830204206htm

Saturday, September 23, 2006

ATTENTION: Betsy Chasse appears Tomorrow!!!

Just got the news. Your friend and mine- Betsy Chasse, will be speaking tomorrow Sunday, Sept 24th, in Tacoma!! Betsy is the co-producer of the phenomenal hit movie 'What The BLEEP Do We Know?!' She has also produced over 30 other feature films. Betsy is listed in Variety in the top 50 Independent Producers of 2004! Anyway, she will be at Crystal Voyage, 2601 East D Street [exit 133, off I-5,to So. 25th and D St.] Time: 2-3:30. Do not know if husband, Gordie or Elorathea will be there. Cost: $20.00. As I used to say "Be there or be square!" Cool!! Click www.whatthebleep.com/ or www.crystalvoyage.com/

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is a dog-our dog! But, we don't tell him. He thinks he's our little boy and that's o.k. He loves to sing with Steve when Steve plays his guitar. When, I'm outside he sits on my feet, so our chickens don't come too close And, he barks and chases crows off our land, when they fly overhead. Yep, he's a mighty fine so....aaah I mean dog! Love you Mr. Johnson. Mom

Woman in Vegetative State Communicates Thoughts

A woman who had suffered severe brain injury in a car accident, and was in a coma, communicated to scientists by using just her thoughts!! The scientists scanned her brain using FMRI [functional magnetic resonance imaging] , and found she was able to understand verbal commands. Reported 'Journal Science'. Click here http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnew.php?newsid=51473

Thursday, September 21, 2006

WARNING: Plums, Plums, Plums, Plums, Plum, etc.

Warning: DO NOT DO this at home!! It takes trained professionals to eat 15 plums in one evening!! I don't care how delicious or yummy. Don't eat too many, or they're hard on your tummy. We were both visited by the Sugar Plum fairy during the night. Never again!!

We did get 7 quarts of plums canned though.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


September 20th---CELEBRATE!!!

Celebrate!!! Happy Anniversary Crystal and Shawn Three Years!! Love, Mom and Steve

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pictures from Betsy Chasse's Movie

Pictures from Betsy's Movie, actress-Mariee Martin, and Chasse with Fred Alan Wolf PHD who is featured in the movie.

What the BLEEP Do We Know?

This is a Film Review taken from quotes from Anna Darrah. "A reality-shattering film". "A documentary interviewing 14 of the most thought provoking scientists, academics and mystics of our time" "It's a great movie. The best kind of movie. You learn, you laugh, you feel compassion and intrigue, you feel inspired by your potential by the end of the movie. It's truly a life-changing experience." I saw this film 2x's, I[Janet] loved it too! I encourage all to see it! And Betsy Chasse produced it. See below.

Betsy Chasse- A Real Producer

Betsy Chasse is a real producer!! She produces lots of things--Movies, Children's books and Babies. She is a Yelm resident that co-produced the hit movie'What the BLEEP do we know?' Her daughter, Elorathea, was born in April of 2004. And Betsy began Elora Media that year too! Elora Media produces spiritually oriented, modivational children's books, videos and music. . What the BLEEP Do We Know? address is www.whatthebleep.com/ Elora Media web site is www.eloramedia.com/ Betsy Chasse site is www.imdb.com/name/nm0153912/

Monday, September 18, 2006

Peach Jam, Pear Jam, Blackberry Jam

We made Peach, Pear and Blackberry Jam. We love it!! Most of the fruit from abandoned trees located near our home! We are blessed beyond measure! Thank you!

Bottle of Wine-Fruit of the Vine!

Steve is so bored healing himself at home. So, we went to Barrys' house to help him bottle his wine, with other friends who were bottling theirs. We ate pizza and ending up corking 25 cases in one evening. Was fun too!!

Shine on, Shine on Harvest Moon

Well, It's soon Harvest Time. What an abundant country this is!! Steve and I went out and took advantage of the bounty around us everywhere!! Just look around and see the fruit trees everywhere. Found pears, apples and blackberries!! Yum Yum.

Quote of the Day

"We are like newborn children, Our power is the power to grow" Rabindranth Tagore

Sunday, September 17, 2006

First Person with Thought-controled Artifical Arms

Doctors call Jesse Sullivan the first person with thought-controled arms. He climbs a ladder and rolls paint on the walls of his home with his two prostetic arms!! He's good with a weed wacker too. He has bionic arms, that are controled by electrical signals going through his rerouted nerve connections in his brain by his thoughts. To check out this bionic man go here. www.ric.org/bionic/jessephotogallery.php

Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Water Cystals!!

Shown are photos of water crystals-beautiful ones of crystals of love-gratitude, ugly ones of Toykio's tap h2o. Emoto's picture is also shown.

The Hidden Messages In Water!

Masaru Emoto wrote 'The Hidden Messages in Water'. It's a beautiful book! The photos wonderful and beautiful, and the message great!! Emoto studied water, and took numerous color photos of water crystals- one is shown in the picture. He noted that water that was 'prayed' over or held in good thoughts developed beautiful crystals, and crystals that were exposed to harmful or hateful thoughts had developed crystals that were mis-shapened and ugly!! Just think how much water our bodies are!! Let's think lovely thoughts--it sure can't hurt us!!Click here for Emoto's web site www.masaru-emoto.net/english/entop.html

Friday, September 15, 2006



My Mom had a cardioversion done yesterday! A cardioversion is a proceedure where an electrical shock is delivered to the heart to convert an abnormal heart rhyhm back to a normal one. Boy!! That sounds scary to me!! She's doing well, and is back home- It just took 5 to 10 minutes and was over. Glad it all went well Mom. Love, Janet

Thursday, September 14, 2006

WORMS They Don't Sleep Just Eat

Worms don't sleep, just eat!! And, that makes lots of worm castings. great for gardens, composts. Pictured is a worm wrangler, harvesting the worms and castings! Go Cowboy Go!! Click here www.wormswrangler.com or call 360/534-3140

Crystal's First Car

Crystal got her first car. It's a 1998 hunter green TOYOTA RAV 4. She loves it. Lookin for better insurance though. Looks beautiful Crystal!!

Celebration Time!!

Let's ALL celebrate!! Sept. 20th is Crystal's and Shawn's anniversary! YEA!! Three years. Have a good time Kids!! Love, Mom

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Remote view Training' seen here

"Remote Viewing" is the ability to cast your mind to a distant location away from your body and see in your mind what's there., even if it's hidden, in the past , present or future. This ability can be enhanced with practice!! WOW! Let's go!! I'm ready right now. Instructions and daily targets are shown on this web site. http://www.infinitevoyager.com/site/405180/page/437532

How Jesus Became Christ

Maceal Ledwith has some answers in his new DVD by that name. Dr. Ledwith has had many controversial, interesting and thought-inspiring courses, DVD's and books. Check him out at http://hamburgeruniverse.com/

Steve's , "A-OK"

"All Steve's parts are in the right places", said the Doc. Dr. S. Norton said yesterday, when we went in for Steve's check up. But.. I knew that already. "Glad that's over " Steve told me. It's hard to keep Steve down. Doc said to be careful lifting for six weeks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That Music Bone--Russ, Steve's Brother

Got Music in Them Bones

Them Bartlett boys sure do! Got music in their bones, everyone of them bones. Russ was up this way about a month ago , perhaps gonna move back up here-haven't heard for sure yet. For lots of good country sounds click and listen to Steve's brother Russ. www.russellbartlett.com Photo will be coming soon.

Monday, September 11, 2006

'Secrets of the Magdaglene Scrolls'

Bettye Johnson is the 2005 Winner of Independent Publisher Book awards. So? Well lots of reasons--She wrote' Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls'. It is said that her book "delves deeper than 'The DaVinci Code'," bringing to light Mary Magdalenes life, her love and her ministry. Wow!! Sounds interesting. And...We've known who she was for along time--her van is now ours ,well, it was hers and now it's ours anyway....and I'm so glad she getting lots of recognition for her efforts! Check her book out at http://www.magdalenescrolls.com/Index.htm

Local Boy Does Good!

Long time friend, Bruce A. Smith, just let us know that his latest book, co-authored with Yuchi Chi titled 'The Science of Consciousness: An Introduction to the New Physics' will be coming out summer of 2007! Cool! A packet is being sent to the publishers as I write this. Way to go Bruce.

Quote of the Day!

Alice laughed, "There's no use trying" she said " one can't believe in impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."---Lewis Carrol, Through the Looking Glass.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Recovery Room

This is 'The Recovery Room'. Shawn's new work place in Sedona. Perhaps Oct 15th is a bit soon for the grand opening. I'm so happy and proud of you two. Love, Mom

'BTO', Yes, It's Beyond the ordinary!!

'BTO'--Beyond The Ordinary is just that. Great and uplifting music, all the time. Interesting Guests and Speakers. And...a Ramtha tape aired each evening at 8 pm pst. It's o. k. Daddy, you don't have to listen at 8 pm. But, give it a try, really!! You'll be glad you did. Just click www.beyondtheordinary.net today.

Local Boy Does Good!

Fast Breaking News! Our long time friend Bruce A. Smith has just given us the news. His latest book , co-authered by Yuchi Chi titled 'The Science of Consciousness: An introduction to the New Physics' will be coming out the summer of 2007. Let's keep a eye out for it! A packet is on its way to the publishers as I write this! Cool!

Write home when you find work

Great news!! Shawn,Crystal's hubby is head chef for a new restaurant in Sedona!! Way to go Shawn!! He will be starting Oct. 1st, the restaurant hopefully will open the 15th. It's called 'The Recovery Room', it's next to the hospital. Photos will be coming soon. Again, nice job kids-I love you!--Mom

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Welcome to my blog inspired by my daughter Crystal's blog. I will have fun reporting on the news here in Yelm, my life, family, friends,and opinions or observations of our world.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Crystal

This blog is dedicated to Crystal, who inspired me with hers.

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